Interview: With courtship.’s Music, You’ll Never Have A Bad Time

Listen to my interview with indie pop duo courtship, where we discuss post-show celebration and inspirations found in LA.

If you haven’t heard of courtship. before, it’s time you should be acquainted. True to their band name, we’re here to help you develop a loving relationship with one of Early Bird’s favorite indie pop duos, who’ve joined forces to put together a discography of music that’s perfectly suited to be the soundtrack of your summer, or any time you’re looking to smile and dance.

The indie pop duo, based in LA, have been creating sunshine-y vibes for the past two and a half years, and as of May 11, have finally released their debut album, “Denial in Paradise”. The nine track LP, released independently, consists of their existing hits and three brand new jams as well. The duo’s putting people on notice with the new album, and they’re getting attention: Spotify just put them on their Indie Pop playlist cover, which features an exclusive video for “The Kind of Woman”, the first song off the album.


Those new songs, “The Kind of Woman”, “Nice Guy”, and “Warm Waters” are truly brand-new; in the three times courtship. has performed in New York, opening for The Wombats in January, in an exclusive headline show at Baby’s All Right (March), and opening for The Hunna (April), these songs were kept under lock and key, awaiting their May arrival.

I was able to catch up with the energetic duo after their pop-up headline show in Brooklyn this March, in the equally energetic (and noisy) Baby’s All Right green room, to discuss the band, some past touring misfortunes, how they celebrate post-show, and what living in LA has afforded them in terms of artistic inspiration.

Their next show in New York will be their re-scheduled show with Night Riots, on June 13, once again at Baby’s All Right.

You can view the transcript for our seven minute interview below the SoundCloud interview break, along with Early Bird’s courtship. playlists on Spotify & Apple Music.

Early Bird x courtship. interview:

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

EB: I wanted to say thanks for taking the time because you guys have been busy as hell, you’ve been touring for the past, what, how many months, and it’s kind of go-go-go-all the time.

ELI: Yeah, it really is. This is our second tour, I think, ever.

MICAH: No bro, this is our third, we did have a tiny little dinky one at first.

EB: What was the little tiny dinky one?

MICAH: We did our first little west coast run, a rough west coast run,

ELI: It was like a “learn what is touring” kind of tour.

EB: So what did you learn after your first tour?

MICAH: Eat really well, // Eli: …and sleep well.

MICAH: That’s really the two big ones.

ELI: Just eat and sleep. If you don’t do those things, you’re gonna have a bad time.

(Simultaneously): YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME!

EB: So when you guys are done with the show is it immediately back to the hotel or do you try to celebrate when you’ve done your thing?

MICAH: Celebrate every night, no matter what. Sometimes that may not include drinking or something, we’ll celebrate in our own ways, maybe get a little food – that’s a celebration for us and our stomachs.

ELI: I remember when we were in Philly, we went and got a disgusting Philly cheesesteak.

MICAH: Yep, that happens a lot, we get disgusting late night food.

Eli: Which is not good… we gotta stop.

EB: Tonight you pulled the show together at the last second, but the energy was really high tonight.

ELI: Oh, it was so fun. It was insane, that was the first time we’ve ever done our own show. I mean in LA we kind of have, but LA doesn’t really count, because it’s all my friends and family. LA’s kind of bullshit, this was real.

MICAH: It’s crazy to know that people will come out and see us, even if it is free.

EB: Yeah, when you’re away from home and you’re not playing a hometown show, it’s a little bit different.

ELI: It’s awesome. I mean for us, anywhere is better to play than LA. It’s just, people in LA are too cool for school.

MICAH: They’re too cool to dance, it’s really that. No one gets into it.

ELI: Everyone’s jaded. Everyone goes to a lot of shows.

Micah: By the way, I’m from LA, I’m a local.

EB: Right, so you’re from LA, Eli, you’re from Portland. I grew up in the northwest as well – it’s not a place where you’d find a sound like courtship’s music. How did you guys settle on the sound that eventually became courtship?

ELI: It just happened naturally, I was in LA, I mean I’ve been in LA for a few years, and it was, yeah, it was just kind of us coming together and it’s just what happened to show up.

MICAH: We just made something without intention, it kind of just came back, and it really helped shape the form of the band. We made our first song “Stop For Nothing” and we said “This is awesome, this is a sound we both love”.

EB: A lot of your sound brings back 80’s synth-pop vibes. Was that something you intentionally did, or do you have any influences from that era of music?

ELI: Yeah I mean, of course, but I don’t think it’s necessarily any style or era music. I think naturally, the synth that we use a lot, which is a Roland Juno, has just that vibe, and it’s great – it’s an amazing synth. So thus far that’s what we’ve been using to mix and use a lot, so it’s in [our music] a lot. Obviously we love from Depeche Mode, to the Cure, alt shit like that.

EB: You’ve played some big venues. When I saw you guys first, you were opening for The Wombats at Brooklyn Steel, and you barely made it to the venue in time. Can you refresh everybody on how you almost missed that show?

MICAH: Well, we were driving and all of a sudden the car stopped driving, and we veered to the left of the road of the freeway. We pulled over because our tire had blown out. We called U-Haul – they were insanely unhelpful,

ELI: (interrupts) The least helpful… FUCK U-HAUL!

MICAH: Yeah, fuck U-Haul, if you’re listening…. But we still use U-Haul so not totally fuck you.

ELI: …Okay actually yes, I guess we’re hypocrites.

MICAH: But yeah, so we barely got it fixed and barely got to the show. We got there ten minutes before showtime and somehow made it work.

EB: So you guys showed up and played a great show. That’s a large venue – Brooklyn Steel is almost 2,000 people. You’ve also played shows like Baby’s All Right, which are pretty small. Do you find that playing smaller venues and packing the house is more fun than maybe a big venue?

ELI: Each one is different. I don’t think anything’s better or worse than any other. We’re super fortunate that we get to have all of these different experiences. And this next tour, the tour we’re about to go on is going to be smaller clubs. It’ll be awesome, it’s its own thing.

EB: So living in LA, it can be a polarizing place, but obviously you’ve both moved there or stayed there. What about LA has inspired you and your music, and helped you stay there?

ELI: The good people.

MICAH: There is a community of really creative people. The business of creation and entertaining happens to be in LA, so you find a lot of people out there. And although there are tons of people, and I would say most of them – I shouldn’t generalize, but of course there’s a lot of people who are concerned with themselves – there’s tons of good people who make awesome stuff. Whether it’s music, or art, TV, or movies, there’s cool people.

Eli: It’s an incredible place. There’s absolutely nowhere else to live.

MICAH: It’s like as soon as you get there, there’s an immediate vibe,

ELI: …To live and die in LA.

(Simultaneously singing): “Live and die in LA!”

EB: So a collaborative environment where you can bump into anybody?

ELI: Yeah, sometimes. I think that just having the high concentration of people who are really passionate about what they do [6:06 inaudible]

EB: Being in LA at the same time do you ever feel the urge to kind of push yourself to the brink and take every session, or do you take it at your own pace?

MICAH: No, I think we did that world a little bit before courtship. and we decided it’s not for us, the “every session we get.”

ELI: We’re actually really good at pacing ourselves.

MICAH: Yeah, we’re good at pacing ourselves, and do sessions that make sense. It’s all about what makes sense.

Want more courtship? Listen to Early Bird’s “This Is courtship.” playlist.


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