New Music Friday All Stars: Peking Duk’s “Reprisal” Short Film Is A Must-See

Watch Peking Duk’s first release of 2018, a short film and two-song EP, “Reprisal”.

Peking Duk is back, and in a big way. Their first release of 2018, “Reprisal”, is a two-track EP that consists of “Fire” and “Distant Arizona”. Listening to the two on the EP won’t give you a full appreciation for the music, though. The songs were absolutely built for their short film, “Reprisal”.

The film takes place in the American Southwest, featuring Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles as vigilante rough riders fed up with the law of the land. The police’s poor treatment leads Peking Duk to devise a plan to burn down the police station  (“Fire”) and go on the run to the deserts and plains (“Distant Arizona”) as they skip town to escape their crime.

“Fire” is the star track for the Aussie duo, as it features the vocals of superstar teen vocalist Bea Miller. Miller has had an eventful 2018 and has already been featured by EDM duo NOTD in their single “I Wanna Know“. “Fire” has a driving beat with disco vibes, but in a darker tone, as is traditional of Peking Duk’s tracks. “Fire” is reminiscent of their hit “Let You Down”, which has over 16 million streams on Spotify alone.

Watch “Reprisal” on YouTube:


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