Swedish House Mafia Add Countdown Timer To Site Expiring 10/22 – What We Know

The countdown timer expires at 5AM Eastern Time on Monday 10/22. What could it mean?

Swedish House Mafia introduced a new countdown timer to their website on Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern Time, counting down from 400,000 seconds in a non-standard time display that includes counting down from 1,000 seconds on the farthest right side: 

Live countdown from http://www.swedishhousemafia.com

I was able to pinpoint the start and end time of the counter by inspecting the website’s source code, where the HTML shows the following: 

<a class=“countdown” id=“countdown” data-enddate=“10/22/2018 09:00:00 AM UTC”

The code makes it pretty plain and clear that the counter ends on Monday 10/22/2018 at 9:00am UTC, or 5am Eastern Time (2am Pacific). Working backwards, you can do the math to figure out precisely when it started – 2:00pm EST on Wednesday:

Yay math!

It’s hard to imagine that at the end of the counter, fans would only receive a simple press release stating the reunion is happening – we already knew that a reunion has been in the works since Swedish House Mafia captured the dance world’s collective attention with a not-so-secret headline set at Ultra Music Festival this year.

That means that in all likelihood, Swedish House Mafia will either drop new music on Monday, or announce a world tour for 2019. Given that Steve Angello already commented that SHM would be back officially in 2019, a tour announcement (in conjunction with the email sign-up which asked for your city) seems to be the most likely. 

“It’s happening, of course,” Angello stated in an interview with Sydsvenskan, “All details aren’t set, but in 2019 we are back!” www.dancingastronaut.com

It would be a huge bonus if the announcement came with a new single on New Music Friday, too, which would build major buzz for the reunion tour. 

If you’re a big fan of the group and are curious to know the outcome, click the aforementioned counter and it’ll lead you to a sign-up page, which I’m sure will lead to your receiving an email when the clock strikes 0.000.000




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