Project 365: Song of the Day – February Picks

View our Song of the Day picks for the month of February, all in one place.

February may be a short month, but this year it brought us a lot of incredible new music and even dug up some old favorites that found themselves playing in the right place at the right time. Check out my song-of-the-day picks from February:

02/28: “99” by Barns Courtney


02/27: “Lie To Me” by 5 Seconds of Summer feat. Julia Michaels


02/26: “The Fruits” by Col3trane feat. Raye


02/25: “Everything I Got” by Brasstracks


02/24: “Sunday Morning” by Matoma


02/23: “Alone” by Alan Walker


02/22: “Not Giving In” by Tom Walker


02/21: “Good Gas” by MadeinTYO


02/20: “No Right To Love You – Acoustic” by Rhys Lewis

The latest addition to Early Bird Music’s popular Wake Up Slow playlist, this song is a soothing acoustic tune that reminds of a cold day, similar to the one we’re experiencing in New York. Rhys’ style in this track can best be described as a delicate, honest elegance as he writes with heartfelt, moving lyrics. He’s also able to turn it up and turn on the grit in his tracks, with a rock-ier vibe full of jazzy soul. Check out more from Rhys here. For those who are lucky enough, Rhys Lewis performs tonight at Brooklyn Steel, opening for Norwegian pop star Sigrid. Early Bird will be there highlighting with a gallery available on Thursday.


02/19: “Motiv8” by J. Cole

One of the best songs off of Cole’s KOD album, this pick comes off of an NBA All-Star Weekend that saw J. Cole perform before Sunday Night’s All-Star game in Charlotte. 


02/18: “Preach” by John Legend

One of the most exciting new songs of the week comes from John Legend in “Preach.” One of the more young and modern songs in Legend’s recent history, the darkly-produced and anthemic “Preach” may be the start of a different musical era for the soul songwriter. 


02/17: “Never Go Back” by Dennis Lloyd


02/16: “Can’t Hold Me Down” by GRiZ


02/15: “Dirty Water” by Yoshi Flower

I’ve been on a Yoshi Flower and alternative R&B kick of late. His new song “Dirty Water” combines a light melody over a nice kick, with a memorable chorus.


02/14: : “Carried Away” by H.E.R.

I’ve been calling this absolute-jam-of-a-song the most slept-on single of 2018. “Carried Away” takes all of H.E.R.’s best qualities and combines her own instrumental play to create an iconic hit. Check out her live studio performance of it for COLORS below, and our gallery from the concert here.


02/13: “Fluctuate” by Catfish and the Bottlemen

The infamous live tune by Catfish has finally been put in studio form for fans to enjoy at any time, day or night.


02/12: “Party On Fifth Ave” by Mac Miller


02/11: “OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” by Yoshi Flower

Yoshi Flower’s American Raver mixtape goes through his experience in modern day America, from its temptations, to its political dissidence, and moral decay. “OTUSA” captures his genre-defying sound perfectly over a smooth-as-silk track with production that sounds inspired by his roommate, electro-pop songstress Elohim.


02/10: “Talk” by Khalid & Disclosure

It’s been a minute since Disclosure produced something in the pop world, and “Talk” is a great reminder of their pop chops. Between Khalid’s smooth vocals and the retro-vibey production Disclosure laid down, this song is the definition of modern easy-listening.


02/09: “I Want It All” by COIN

“I Want It All” has quickly become COIN’s most popular new track among their releases in the last year. The lighthearted sonic nature of this song makes it an instant feel-good-jam that you’ll be throwing on all of your Happy Playlists… It’s already on ours.


02/08: “Do Not Disturb” by Mahalia

This is the first song I heard today that I got genuinely excited about. Mahalia’s single about being left alone without distraction from a flame is totally relatable and a groove & a half. We first discovered Mahalia after she released her single “No Reply” in early 2018.


02/07: “Running” by Marco

“Running” is a song that’s off to the races since its release during the week of Thanksgiving. It’s been slowly garnering more support on Spotify with playlisting, likely in large part because Marco sounds similar to a chilled-out Justin Bieber.


02/06: “Saturday Nights REMIX” by Khalid feat. Kane Brown

The second I heard this song remade with Kane Brown, it all made sense. The song’s acoustics are very reminiscent of modern country, and Khalid teamed up with one of the most relevant crossover country acts in Kane Brown for a duet that simply makes sense.


02/05: “Parallel” by j ember

Toronto-based alternative artist j ember is breaking sonic barriers with his music, creating an entirely new sound that combines incredible lyric writing with soulful melodies and authentic emotion, underpinned by basslines that bump.


02/04: “Like Sugar” by Chaka Khan

There’s no doubt that Chaka Khan, the queen of funk, has still got it. The music video’s as groovy and progressive as the song is, too.


02/03: “goosebumps” by Travis Scott

The Super Bowl Halftime needed more of Scott, and we wish this made the ticket.


02/02: “Make It Out Alive” by NAO feat. SiR

NAO’s soulful voice combines with SiR for an R&B hit.


02/01: “Apologize” by Grandson

Grandson just dropped the best rock song of 2019 so far. Check out “Apologize” and headbang along.


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